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we do custom design gates. steel work and fabrication. from signage to on site welding. we can also assist with cad work. stainless steel, mild steel, copper,brass, and aluminium.

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Meticulous Planning

Our measurements and designs are always accurate to suite the requirements of our clients.

Completion On Time

Our projects are always completed on time.

Perfect Execution

Our work is perfectly designed and manufactured according to our client's requirements.

Affordable Prices

We are not in the price Game but we focus more on the quality our work.

What We Offer

We offer the best steel work in the industry.

We understand requirements

Whatever design you have in mind, we always bring it to live.

We work precisely

Our in- house professional team always delivers what they promise.

We deliver best output

We are very passionate about what we do, hence our work is always accurate.

We provide the best service in the metal and steel industry...

Simply get in touch with us, to assist you with a stress free quotation: